Customers want to be treated like individuals, not psychographic profiles. The more connected you are to today’s social and mobile customer, the better chance you have of establishing trust and having an honest dialogue. Social doesn’t replace email. Cold calls aren’t dead. These tactics all have their time and place, but social represents the most exciting channel that sales has had in a long time to stay connected and informed. Successful social selling hinges on authentically connecting with customers on social networks, building trusted relationships with them, and ultimately helping them solve problems that lead to lasting business relationships.

This ebook discovers how to use social to drive sales leads, move those leads through the sales funnel, and build lasting social relationships. 


According to Social Media and Sales Quota Survey, Social media users were 23% more successful than their non-social media peers. 50.1% of sales people who report using social media state that they spend less than 10% of their selling time using social media.

Corporate Executive Board Company (CEB) analysts found that customers are 57% through the typical decision-making process before they ever engage with a sales rep. SiriusDecisions also reports that customers are 70% through the buying process in a complex sales situation.

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