According to Pace Productivity, just 22% of a typical sales rep’s week is focused on selling. 

Let’s face it—reps can’t close if they’re hamstrung by inefficient processes, left out of the conversation initiated by marketing, or simply distracted by time-sucking administrative tasks. What’s more, considering that sales reps are often not looped in until buyers are two-thirds of the way though the decision-making process, sales productivity matters now more than ever. In other words, salespeople need to free up as much of their time as possible to focus on selling.

This ebook explores the tools, guidance and support that sales teams need to focus on the trends shaping today’s buying—and selling—process:
  • Buyer 2.0: The way people buy has changed
  • How sales reps can transform from solution providers to trusted advisors
  • The role of content and conversations in today’s buying and selling process
  • Why and how sales reps need to tap into data for smarter selling
  • The tools and technology that help sales reps get more done faster and better


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